Bale Digosipkan to MU, Zidane Galau

Bale Digosipkan to MU, Zidane Galau

Rumors will leave Gareth Bale from Real Madrid continues to blow. The most recent, players from Wales are rumored to be the target of Manchester United (MU).

This condition makes Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidana, upset. Frenchman’s man was open voice. In fact, before, he was known stingy comments, let alone related issues Bale.

Zidane revealed, Gareth Bale condition has not 100 percent fit. The player is still in the recovery phase. The situation is very vulnerable if Bale join a competitive team like Manchester United.

United manager Jose Mourinho expressed the desire to bring Gareth Bale. It can happen if Real Madrid want to remove the former Tottenham Hotspur.

“He still needs training to get back to the best form of play, he has not played in a competitive situation in four months, and it is very dangerous, he is good and can concentrate on training with the team,” Zidane said.

Interrupt the European Super Cup

In particular, Zidane does not want to rumor Gareth Bale fate becomes a hot issue throughout the 2017 European Super Cup event. According to him, all personnel of Real Madrid are preparing themselves to be able to perform maximum counter MU.

“What makes me interested and very important is the Manchester United counter game, we want to concentrate fully, and that’s what matters,” Zidane said.

Rumors Bale became an attraction after Neymar’s transfer saga ended. Football analyst Jamie Redknapp considers Manchester United to be the Premier League champions 2017-2018 if Gareth Bale joins Old Trafford.

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