Bartomeu: Messi will retire at Barca

Bartomeu: Messi will retire at Barca
Josep Maria Bartomeu recently revealed that Lionel Messi wants to spend the rest of his career with Barcelona after the star extended the contract.

On Wednesday, Barca said that Messi had agreed a contract until 2021. At the age of 30, the end of Messi’s contract duration this time is close to retirement for football players.

Bartomeu conveyed his happiness after Messi solidified his commitment to Barça. He claimed not easy to convince a star player like Messi to stay at Camp Nou because of the intense competition with other clubs. He is grateful to be able to extend the contract of Messi and other star players including Neymar and Luis Suarez.

“We are also renewing the contract of Neymar and Suarez and it is not easy to convince these qualified players in a very competitive world like in football,” Bartomeu said.

“A lot of clubs are targeting our star players, but they want to survive and enjoy this era of success.”

“Leo always says he wants to spend his professional career here in Barca and his contract confirms it. All that gives a message of unity between Messi and Barca, “he said.

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