How to Play Online Football Betting

Agen judi online – As for some of the terms contained in the online betting is as follows.
2:00 AM is a match & Live is the game there is a live bet her. Hours listed are GMT +8, so to find out hours local time, subtract one hour
The team with the color red team is the team name provides hdp (nge-voor)
The odds of that are red and the minus sign is the team who touches Flowers (tax)
Team A Team B 0-0.5 -vs- 1020 -1090
Team A Team B 0.0 -vs- 1440 -1610
Team A Team B -vs- 1330 12:50 -1470

There are three fur-an (you are free to choose fur late whichever you are feeling)
For the red numbers, if victorious will be paid according to the couple, but when the loser has to pay PERCENT (regarded as a tax which is the favorite team and have a high price HDP dare you hold). As the above example between Aston Villa against West Ham United.

0-0.5 = fur 1/4
0.5 = fur 1/2
0.5-1 = fur 3/4
1-1.5 = fur 1 1/4

To HDP (handicap), O / U (Over / Under) & O / E (Even / Odd),

Black Meaning: If we lose our bet paid as reply, if you can win more money dr do we bet (depending on the amount odds)
Examples flower, its 1,110 -> bet 100K. If you can win a 100 x 1.110 = 111rb, if you lose just pay 100K

Red means: If we win will get the money according to which we bet, but if the loser has to pay more (depending on the amount odds)
Examples of red flowers, her flowers -1110 -> bet 100K. If you lose pay 100 x 1.110 = 111rb, that win can only 100K

Under the column HDP is its fur, 0.5-1. Tim yg nge-fur always red. While no figures fur side -1420, meaning bet Aston Villa (R) -1420 taxable interest and underneath there are numbers 1250, meaning bet West Ham United (R) may interest 1,250

Example: we want to bet West Ham United (R) 100K, just click the 1,250 and then enter 100 in the column that appears.
Suppose the match 2-1 for its fur 0.5-1, results 1 goal difference, then we lose half.

Calculations: (100 x 1,420) / 2 = 71
Similarly, if we bet belarus, we win half (half)
* If the outcome of the match won by Aston Villa (R) by a margin of two goals or more, then we win full, ie 100K

O / U
Over Under, under the column O / U No exchange / fur For O / U is 2.5-3. That is, if the Over bet, the match must be in the top 3 goals (4,5,6, etc.), if the outcome of the game just 3 goals (3-0, 2-1, etc.), we won half (half).
Meanwhile, if the bet Under, kebailkan with over. total goals should not be more than 3, if the number of goals 3, then we won half (half) only.

If the O / U Her 3:50:
The final result 3 goals -> play under Win, playing over Lose

For the calculation of interest, together with the HDP.

O / E
Odd / Even (even / odd), we just choose the final result matches the number of goals both teams odd or even. Kei same calculation with HDP

Under the 1×2, are odds for guessing won, drawn or lost. Just click For laying his odds bet.
Example: we pick Aston Villa (R) will win (whatever his score), click the black numbers 1610, then input in the column bet bet (eg bet 100K).
1 = host (home) -> means we choose the hosts won
x = Draw -> means we choose the games they will end up a draw
2 = Guest (away) -> means that we choose the team win
For example result of the match was 3-1
Calculations: (1610-1) x 100K = 61rb. So we win 61rb
* For the calculation of victory, all the odds hrs minus 1 dl. If the result Draw / Win West Ham United (R), we lost to 100K

Interest dr betting HT / FT is to guess the results of the first round match and combined with the result of the match at full-time (the game is over), so called HT / FT (half time / full time)
Here is one example odds HT / FT at the premiere party English league
H = Home -> Team home win
D = Draw -> Results drawn game
A = Away -> The visitors win

If there is HH, meaning that Liverpool won the first round (whatever the score) and by the time the game ended, the result will be won by Arsenal (regardless of the score).

Example HH outcome of the game, the first round 1-0, finished the game the score remained 1-0.
Sample results HD game, the first half the score 1-0, the match finished 1-1.
Sample results HA games, the first round 1-0, finished the match score 1-2.

DH = Draw, Home
DD = Draw, Draw
DA = Draw, Away
AH = Away, Home
AD = Away, Draw
AA = Away, Away

For the calculation of victory, together with 1×2 and mix parlay, all odds subtract 1 first and multiplied the amount bet.
Example HH, 1:58 odd, if you guessed right, the calculation is as follows:
(1:58 – 1) x amount bet

Mix Parlay means bets packages with a minimum of three parties
In one package if the first match defeated then calculated lost.
If the series the team that the series does not need to be counted.
Calculate parlay: Multiply that value of the three teams that you choose a x b x c or Value Odds counted multiplied by the amount bet.


in the Italian league there is a match that is ongoing between Juventus vs AS Roma
Britons in the league Chelsea vs Liverpool were playing
examples of fantasy leagues in sbo Chelsea vs Juventus on the same day -> clearly impossible, right? so-called “fantasy”
To know win the defeat we see his handicap. eg Chelsea vs Juventus HDP 0
Score of the match Juventus vs AS Roma 1-1 & Chelsea vs Liverpool 2-1
Then the result of the match between Chelsea vs Juventus fantasy is 2-1
Because Chelsea scored 2 goals & milan scored just 1 goal in actual pertandingan.


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