Insigne: Napoli Must Win Serie A Next Season

Insigne: Napoli Must Win Serie A Next Season

Lorenzo Insigne revealed if Napoli dream to win the Scudetto next season. He also urged Napoli to start the competition as well as possible, in order to keep these opportunities.

“We have a dream to win the Scudetto, just like our coaches, teammates, and fans,” Insigne told local media.

“We want to build at the end of last season, because we set some very good foundations. It’s too early to talk about the Scudetto, but we’re ready. ”

“Being Neapolitan and the pride of wearing this team’s jersey can not be described. Every time you wear a jersey, you will feel it in the same way. I’m always a bit more excited when playing at San Paolo.

“I hope we can avenge the confidence of the fans and bring victory to Napoli. This season we want to start the competition with as much as possible, “he said.

Last season Napoli ended the Serie A competition by finishing third in the final standings. With that achievement, they are entitled to the play-off competition of Europe’s highest caste club, Champions League, next season.

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