Inzaghi: Juventus Still The Favorite Team

Inzaghi: Juventus Still The Favorite Team

Filippo Inzaghi believes Juventus will find it difficult to win the Scudetto this season, but they are still the favorites.

The former Bianconeri striker is currently a coach in Serie B, Venezia, and he gives his opinion on the title race of the Serie A champions this year.

“I think this league season will run in balance, many teams that beautify themselves,” said inzaghi.

“With the departure of Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus lost something. There are other players who are stronger, because Napoli play well, they have a distinctive style.

“Milan also made major changes, Inter boyong great players and Roma also recruited world-class players.

“So I think this will be a balanced league and it will be more difficult for Juventus to win the Scudetto this season compared to previous seasons.

“Even so they are still a superior team.”

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