Ivan Carlos Confident Saddil Ramdani Will Grow Better

Ivan Carlos Confident Saddil Ramdani Will Grow Better

Indonesia national team will undergo final game in SEA Games 2017 stage facing Myanmar, afternoon (29/8/2017). Both teams will fight each other bronze medal after being eliminated from the semifinals.

The young Garuda squad was knocked out in the last four after losing to host Malaysia. Meanwhile, Myanmar must recognize the benefits of Thailand which was held by the Indonesian national team in the group stage.

Nevertheless, the foreign striker Persela Lamongan, Ivan Carlos, still give its own appreciation for the struggle of Garuda Young team. Especially to the appearance of neat compatriots in the team Laskar Joko Tingkir, Saddil Ramdani.

“Saddil is a very good player, playing very well for the Indonesian national team,” said Ivan Carlos, as reported on the club’s official website.

The assessment was given the Brazilian striker after seeing the performance of Saddil when believed to appear by Indonesian national team coach, Luis Milla, especially when the wing attackers ASIFA college dropout scored the goal against the Philippines in a 3-0 victory in the preliminary round.
Only, Ivan Carlos still appealed to the compatriot so as not to be satisfied with what has been obtained at this time.

He hopes, Saddil can continue to learn so that the ability that already has can continue to grow.

“He (Saddil) is still very young and will develop even better in the future,” said Ivan Carlos.

Without strengthening Saddil in the last few matches, it is a little limping Persela power, let alone in turn Ivan Carlos and Eka Ramdani also can not play with various reasons.

“It is very bad that he can not play for Persela at this time, his presence in the match is very important,” he said.

In the last two matches that dilakoni in the stage of the League 1 competition, Persela must recognize the superiority of his opponents, both when defeated 2-3 by Mitra Kukar and lost to Persija Jakarta with the score 0-2 on Sunday (27/08/2017) ago.

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