Let’s Get Rich: The Proper Way to Pendant S +!

DG Hi Friends! This time the World Games willing to share tips and tricks for you-you are again eyeing Pendant S + in Let’s Get Rich to strengthen your character, ya!

Come together we refer wrote bandar judi online , the easiest way for getting not only Pendant Pendant S + but also other nice!

How to Get a Good Pendant Let’s Get Rich:

Diamond Collect as much as possible. Minimally 500 Diamind in order to receive 1 Pendant nice.
Wait Event Pendant. In addition to Diamond could get a bonus, usually you can also know Pendant what is gained from the event. And that does not take a lot of costs, wait event that there diskonnya.Pilihlah Pendant Gacha x5 so cheap.
Wait Event Popular Pendant. Popular Pendant is usually worth at 5x Lucky Miliage and at events so you can definitely pendant-pendant are very popular.
Select Characters or Pendant. Do not be upset! Focus to wear Diamond Pendant alone, never mind the character event.
Play Jackpot Event Festival. Usually Festival Jackpot guarantees Gacha Pendant S, but only applies to the Jackpot Festival which no discount.
Clock Affects Pendant. Reportedly nice Pendant is usually acquired in 7-9 hours of the night and early morning hours of 12-6. But this is only speculation alone, so do not expect much.

Plus, frequently playing Let’s Get Rich. And if you can consistently ranked in the world Top 5% at the end of the week you can get 50 Diamond!

Well, of course Pendant status is okay not quite right? You must need the high level too! Especially if to S +! Do not worry, here are 3 tips and tricks to be able Pendant S + Let’s Get Rich!

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How to Get Pendant S + Let’s Get Rich:

Special event

You can get Pendant S + from following the event. But of course time is limited and not always there.

Premium Pendant Gacha

How most “easy” is to wear Premium Pendant Gacha. But obviously this hockey-hokian and does not always produce Pendant S +. Well, we see how both more effective!

combination Pendant

Many thought the way to get Pendant S + with the combination was enough to combine two Pendant S max level in origin. But it’s not that way. And here is the right way:

Pendant to be converted into S + be increased to the maximum level,
Search Pendany specifically named Trascendent Light, increase to the maximum level,
Press the Combine selection,
Select and Trascendent Pendant Light S already earlier,
And will be the first Pendant Pendant S +!

Yes, so basically to get Pendant S +, you need a specially named Trascendent Pendant Light! Catet yes!

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