Reasons Bonucci Choose Ronaldo World Player of the World

Cristiano Ronaldo melayani permintaan foto seusai menerima penghargaan Pemain Terbaik FIFA 2016 di Zurich, Senin (9/1/2017).

Reasons Bonucci Choose Ronaldo World Player of the World

AC Milan’s new defender Leonardo Bonucci (30) answers questions about the best players in the world and why. The 2016 Italian Footballer of the Year appointed Cristiano Ronaldo as the top player on earth.

“Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s the best player I’ve ever faced, he has all the characteristics of a champion,” Leonardo Bonucci told Milan TV on Sunday (7/23/2017).

Bonucci sensed Ronaldo’s ferocity in the Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid at the National Stadium of Wales on 3 June 2017. At that time, Ronaldo scored two goals and led Madrid to win 4-1.

Total, Ronaldo capable of pouring 42 goals and 12 assists from 46 games in all competitions season 2016-2017.

The captain of the Portugal national team is also Real Madrid’s all time top scorer with a score of 406 goals from 394 appearances! The record was refined Ronaldo with 125 assists.

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