Tips and Tricks Complete How To Play Pokémon GO

Currently, anyone would agree if I call Pokémon GO as one of the most phenomenal AR game lively discussion among mobile gamers in different corners of the globe. Indonesia itself did not want to miss to participate enliven fever this one game.

Although not yet officially circulated in Indonesia, but thousands of gamers in the country as not to lose any sense to be able to continue to play Pokémon GO.

As already was mentioned in the article preview GO Pokémon games, games made in Niantic Labs does have shortcomings in terms of game mechanics so that sufficient explanation left many questions for the new players.

With the aim of helping many players Pokémon GO out there, pass the following section we present a comprehensive guide for Pokémon trainer Indonesia, the following tips and tricks so that you all could be one of the greatest trainers in a short time. So are you ready to complete your Pokedex and become the ruler Gym in your town?

How to catch Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO! | screenshot 6

Once you finish creating your avatar, the game will immediately invites players to capture their first monster through a mini game Pokeball throwing a ball that reminds me of the game Can Knockdown. Although initially impressed easily, but Niantic does not provide detailed information about the indicator circle that appears when you’re throwing pokeball.

The circle indicator is basically a determinant of your success in addition to the direction of the sweep of a finger when throwing pokeball. If you hold your finger on the screen long enough, the indicator will shrink and swell back up the pokeball you throw it toward the monster. The smaller the indicators are, the greater your chance to catch it (as long as it throws right about it lo ya).

If lemparanmu misses, you can try to collect back Pokeball fallen by tapping on the pokeball before finally missing.

Pokeball pitch indicator | screenshot

One more thing, when you throw a Pokeball you can also do the trick throws curve (Curve Ball) by slightly twisting the ball until the special animation on the screen. The trick to getting additional experience is how to throw a Pokeball pretty hard to do, so make sure you have a lot of stock in order to further Pokeball Pokémon hunting after showing off this trick in front of your friends.

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